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It will help you to choose the right one among the hundreds of different kinds of buddha statues. More than listening to anyone else or any other belief you should listen to your soul. Basic reason to buy buddha is to help yourself achieve your inner peace. Worshiping the buddha statues will help us remember, understand and practice Buddha’s teachings. Ultimately by breaking out of never ending cycle of life after death, the state of Nirvana can be achieved by practicing buddhism with the help of Vipassana meditation. Shakyamuni Buddha preached dharma through out his life and the light of the world had gone out and lord passed away into Nirvana at an old age of over 80. http://www.the-art-company.com/en/

Talking of Buddha statues & figurines, the statues of Buddha are found in a wide variety of poses, the most common of all the type is the sitting Buddha statue in a lotus position. The posture displays inner and outer balance and tranquillity. In meditating Buddha statues the posture of the hand or the mudra, have the fingers of the right hand resting lightly on the left as they lay in the enlightened one’s lap and legs are crossed in a Lotus position. Many Buddha statues sit on a pedestal in a lotus blossom which represents the enlightened being or emptiness.

Another posture is the Abhaya mudra in which the right hand is raised and is the gesture of dispelling fear. Statues calling the earth to bear witness are represented by postures where the right hand is touching the earth below, which displays total faith. And, finally the reclining Buddha statue represents Buddha’s passage into death or Nirvana, as the disciples, angles and gods bade farewell to never returner Shakyamuni Buddha. Medicine Buddha statue symbolizes the belief that Buddha parted knowledge on medicine along with spiritual guidance.
You have to be very careful to buy Buddha statues. Before considering buying you have to know where the Buddha statue is originally made. To ensure the genuine statue one should avoid the replica of original art. Please be informed that the genuine artisans who make these statues are originally from Nepal. From Nepal the art of making the Buddha statues is exported to Tibet, where it gained major popularity. You may say Buddha statues are originally from Tibet but the root to making one is descended from Nepal. Newar artisans, Shakya Artisans to be specific are the original masters from whom the art is being descended for generations.
The Mudras or postures of Hands of the Shakyamuni Buddha figures are either in abhaya (Fearlessness), Dhyana (meditation), Dharmachakra Parivartana (turning of the wheel of Dharma or doctrine or religion) and Bhumisparsa (calling the earth goddess to witness the touching of the earth by the right hand)

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